Handmade Thankful Banner


I love adding a handmade touch to my home. I also love celebrating each of the seasons and holidays with my family. Decorating for the each of the holidays has become such a tradition in this house that my kids pester me if I don’t pull out the boxes and decorate soon enough! This is great, now if I could just get some help! Putting things up is so much more fun than packing it all back away. These banners are quick to put up and take down and are one of my favorite ways to decorate for holidays. They are easy and fun to make.

If you are even a little crafty, you will probably have a few of these supplies already. You can use the chipboard from the back of pads of paper for the chipboard squares. Remember how I said I love to repurpose? πŸ™‚ You can always buy some chipboard at a great store like this one.

First decide what you want your banner to say and count out how many letters you will need. This is the amount of chipboard squares and patterned paper squares you will need. I am making the word “thankful” which has 8 letters, so I will need 8 chipboard squares and 8 patterned paper squares and 8 cardstock squares. I will also need 2 eyelets for each square, so for this banner, I will need 16 eyelets.

You’ll Need:

***Chipboard-cut into 4″ squares-You can skip the chipboard if you’d like

Patterned paper (your choice-1 sheet of 12×12 patterned paper will make 12 squares)

Distress Ink–any color you like-I used Tea Dye

adhesive (tape runner or glue sticks work best)


Hole Punch or Crop-a Dile

Cardstock (your color choice cut into 4 1/4 squares)

String or twine

Paper Cutter

***You do NOT need to use the chipboard or the eyelets. I use these because it makes them last so much longer. I have many banners that I hang every year that were made 6-8 years ago and still look as good as when I made them. You can make it with just paper and it will look great, but it just may not store well until next year.

Also, You can find LOTS of ideas for other holiday banners at my shop on etsy.com I don’t have any current listings in my shop for banners, but you can click on the “sales” link to see all the ones I made and sold from years past.

First cut your chipboard and patterned paper into 4 inch squares.


Glue the patterned paper on top of the chipboard squares. Ink the edges of each square.


Next cut cardstock into 4 1/4 inch squares and glue to the back of the patterned paper squares.


Add lettering of your choice to each square. I used stamps and acrylic paint, but you could use chipboard letters, or stickers, or die cut letters, anything you’d like!


Punch holes in the top corners of each square and add eyelets if you’d like. I use my Crop-a Dile for this.

String each square onto the string or twine and spread them out to fill your hanging space.


To make stringing it easier, a tiny piece of tape rolled on the end like a shoelace will help.

Sometimes I like to tie short lengths of ribbon between the squares to make them more festive, but Β wanted this one to be sweet and simple.


I am so very thankful.

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