Boo To You Pillow-Home Decor Project



I love a quick and easy project. I also love to repurpose whenever I can, and I really, really love projects that don’t require a lot of precision. Remember, we’re not going for perfect. This project is all of these things.

This project was created from an pillow insert that was tucked inside a pillow laying in our donation pile. Our daughter wanted a “big girl room” and part of redecorating was some new bedding. One afternoon I was flipping through a home decor catalogue and saw the cutest mummy pillow. This is what their version looked like:


It was about $60 for a pillow I would look at 4 weeks a year…and then the lightbulb moment came. Why not cut the insert out of the old pillow and make my own mummy pillow? If it didn’t work out I wasn’t out anything but a small bit of fabric.

You’ll need:

1 pillow insert

enough white or natural colored fabric to cover the pillow insert

muslin fabric torn into 2 inch strips-no need to be precise-these strips need to be the same length as the width of your pillow.

a small bit of black fabric (I used felt) cut into the following sizes:

–2 large circles (about 2 1/2 inch diameter)

–2 small circles (about 3/4 inch diameter)

a small bit of muslin scraps cut into 2 circles (about 1 1/2 inch diameter)

fabric glue or hot glue gun


To create your pillow you will need to make a cover for it from your muslin fabric. If you don’t sew, you could also just glue the edges around the insert–just make sure you tuck the fabric edge if you want a finished look, but this pillow would look cute even if the seams were showing.

Next you will want to layer the eyes with the large black circles on the bottom, the white circles in the middle, and the small black circles on top. Glue the layers together and then glue them on your covered pillow about 3/4 of the way up the front side.


Then, you need to attach the strips or fabric making sure you leave the eyes peeking out. Glue only the ends of the fabric strips to the sides of the pillow. Make sure you angle some of the strips to give it a “wrapped” look. Once the glue is dry you can fray the edges of the strips.

If you wanted to kick this project up a notch you could tea-stain all of the muslin fabrics to give it a really old and tattered look. To tea-stain a fabric, you only need to brew some really strong tea–old coffee works for this too–in a large pot on your stove. Make enough tea to dip the fabric in completely. Dip the fabric while the tea (or coffee) is still hot. The longer you let the fabric sit in the tea, the darker the color will be. When you have the desired color, pull fabric out with tongs, carefully squeeze out your fabric and let it air dry before assembling your pillow.

Remember, this project looks great when it’s not perfect, so have fun with it, and Happy Halloween!

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