Happy Halloween House Home Decor Project

img_2044Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays for lots of reasons. I love the fun of it–so many great childhood memories. I love carving pumpkins, making pumpkin pies, and generally eating as much candy as I can (although this part has changed in recent years) before my kids catch me. I used joke that I was implementing the “Mommy Tax” and take 10% of their candy–you know, just to prepare them for real life 🙂

Decorating the house is one of the BEST parts of Halloween. Over the years I have made many of our decorations. I made the miniature witch hat in the picture above by simply stitching a muslin fabric cone shape, painting it with black acrylic craft paint, stuffing it with fiber fill and gluing it to a painted heavy chipboard circle. I added a thin strip of tea-stained gauze to complete the look. I also made a huge one of these that I keep in my dining room. My kids like to call it my Sorting Hat. I made it the same way, but I distressed it a bit more and added a star dipped in German Glass glitter. This amazing glitter makes its own patina over time which adds to the creepy feel 🙂 and, yes, I made that cute papier-mâché pumpkin guy peeking back there, but that’s another tutorial for another day.


In this post I will share with you how I made that adorable miniature haunted house:

I started with an empty spool from a wide roll of ribbon–probably 3 inches wide. If you don’t have one of these, you could do a make-shift one from a cut down paper towel tube or toilet paper tube and then glue circles on the top and bottom to help it stand. I love to repurpose and upcycle whenever I can!

Cover the spool with festive colored paper or scrapbook papers of your choice and glue in place. I have torn through my stash and cannot source the paper I used, so if you recognize it, can you let me know so I can credit the designer? I loved this paper!! Hot glue is great for gluing this, but any glue should work. Also, trace your circle top and bottom onto a coordinating patterned paper and cut and paste those to your pedestal as well. Don’t glitter the top yet, or your house may not adhere well to the glitter–we’ll do all the glittering last. I love glitter.

Once you have your spool covered in the papers of your choice, you will need to cut your house. I used basic Kraft cardstock for the house and black cardstock for the roof. I think a grey or white house with distressing would look really great, too! It’s YOUR house, make it your own.

I used a Silhouette cut file by Loni Harris. Silhouette has several cute Halloween house cut files to choose from. As I said, I cut the body of the house from Kraft paper and the roof from black. Once cut, I folded and glued the house. I used a black, fine point sharpie to add shutter details to the windows. I added a black brad to the door as a door knob. You could also use a hole punch and punch out a small circle from your scraps of black cardstock to glue on as a doorknob. I used a black ink pad to distress the edges of the house to give it an old, creepy look. Once the house was finished, I added the roof. The shingles in this cut file are in strips and I curved the edges as I glued the strips to give it some dimension. Once the roof is glued in place we can glitter!!! Did I mention, I love glitter?

I used a small sponge brush to spread a thin coat of Mod Podge on the top of the base and sprinkled clear glitter on the base. When it dried, I used ink to distress the edges. I used black super-fine glitter on the roof.


I added the Halloween moon from this set of Jolees Boutique Halloween Stickers. To mount the moon, I wrapped a piece of thin wire around a pencil and flattened the ends. I sandwiched one of the flat ends of the wire between the back of the moon and a small piece of scrap paper and used a dot of hot glue to secure the wire between them. Then I stuck the opposite flattened end into the roof of the house. I just poked it right in and then used a tiny dot of white glue where the wire went in to hold it in place.

I hope you have a Spook-tacular Halloween!!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween House Home Decor Project

  1. Kara says:

    This is the cutest! It would fit perfectly with my “farmhouse” look for the holidays. I’m filling this away for next year!!


  2. Martha says:

    I love, love, love this haunted house, especially with all the glitter! I want to try and make one to add to my Halloween decor. Thanks for sharing it with us. You are so talented and creative!


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